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17-08-2016 - Dredging News 2016

The dredging operation is Licensed and ordered. Assembly of the Humber Workboat's dredger 'John M' will start on 1st September 2016. Under the Marine Management Organisation Licence the actual dredging of the marina basin will commence soon after and if all goes according to plan the project should take about four weeks. This is a very weather dependent job and plans may yet have to change.

Many of you will have experienced the previous dredges in 2001 and 2009. We will work to a similar plan; one bay at a time will be emptied of boats and while the dredger works on that bay, we will be clearing the next bay in readiness. Boats will be moved as little as possible and will be returned to their permanent berths as quickly as possible.

The ‘John M’ team will be working round the clock. Marina staff will be concentrating on moving customers’ boats, looking after dredging requirements and responding to any needs you may have during the duration of the project. It will be a hectic four weeks and on rare occasion vessels may be unable to come and go from the Marina. Please discuss your needs nearer the time, we will give every assistance possible.

For now it is only necessary to confirm with the office your consent for us to move your boat, we may need to do this at anytime during the day or night throughout the dredging period. Should you wish to know more about the dredging and how it will affect the Marina, please do come in to the office. We will, of course, take the greatest possible care with your vessel. If you need to move your boat please give early notice to the office, as movements may be restricted by the dredger pipeline.

We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience this project may cause but we know that this will lead to many years of improved berthing at Amble Marina.

Plans also continue to move forward with the proposed Boat Lift and news of this project will be added in due course.

Finally, a number of you commented in our 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey that you would like to see a better wifi service provided by the Marina. I am pleased to inform you that we have been working on this and an improved wifi service will be available in the next few weeks. The service will be free for most users needs (including weather forecasts and email) for those requiring a premium service (ie to stream music etc) a small charge will be applicable.

Karl Brunton



Day Min Max Wind Weather
2°C 5°C

7 kts

1°C 6°C

9 kts

1°C 5°C

15 kts

3°C 5°C

15 kts

4°C 6°C

5 kts

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